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Early Dispute Assistance

Our Early Dispute Assistance service allows us to assist in-house teams facing a brewing dispute.

Any dispute comes down to the facts.  All too often we have seen disputes proceed – and businesses become committed to a course of action – without having properly ascertained the facts.

Ascertaining the facts relies on being able to:

  • Select documents and analyse them quickly and efficiently
  • Interrogate the business’ data-set to prevent problems arising in the first place
  • Have trusted counsel to advise and report to management

We have particular skills in this area.  We use appropriate software and the right techniques, combined with human analysis skills and an understanding of your business, to:

  • Analyse your documents and data
  • Advise you of the legal implications of the pertinent documents

We are then able to offer you advice on the best way of resolving the dispute, without resorting to costly and time-consuming litigation.

If your dispute does proceed, whether to litigation or another form of dispute resolution, we can project manage your e-disclosure process for you in a time and cost-efficient manner.

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