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Towards a smarter tomorrow

Systems are getting smarter, but it is the conjunction of smarter systems with expert advice that really gives the best rewards.

Behind the scenes at some websites algorithms are at work. Depending on “click speeds”, time of day and cookie-generated previous history, the visitor is being monitored and categorised.  Without us knowing it the site is reacting to our assessed intentions. Are we potential buyers, window-shoppers or just lost? As the Economist reports “machine learning”, is at the core of the new world of business economics.

But it is not just website technology that is getting smarter, the ability to crunch the data and draw conclusions is relevant to business in general and construction projects in particular. We can now flag up to management when projects are going badly, even before the claims start flying. In that way problems are tackled early on, leading to a saving in management time and legal costs.

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